Some of our kids have been generous enough to give their artwork to Dr. Fain!
Take a stroll through our gallery to see the work of these amazing artists.
Click an image to see it full-sized.

A Picture from Taylor

Some Beautiful Clouds

clouds clouds

A Note

This is a note Linsey wrote for Dr. Fain! Aww...

note note

Casey's Dragon

A beautiful dragon with a magic amulet!

dragon dragon

Two People

Katelin drew these two people for Dr. Fain! I wonder what he said...

people people

Brittany's Doctor

He doesn't wear a lab coat, but if he did, he'd have "Doctor" written on both pockets.

doctor doctor

A Lovely Picnic

Two people having a picnic from Kelsey! Just look at that tree.

picnic picnic

KungFu action

It's Kung-Fu Joe and his Kung-Fu kick!

kungfu kungfu

A Beautiful Heart

Hailey wants to know if you'll be her valentine.

heart heart